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Rami Emam

My College Work:

1. Acted in the English movement play “octahedron” directed by Dr.Injy el Solh on Wallace 

Theatre  in 1994

2. Acted in The Arabic play “ Borg El Madabegh” (The Tower of Animal Leather workshop) on Wallace Theatre in 1995

3. Worked as a music professor in “The Sumer Junior Program “ at the American University in 1997

4. Worked as  stage manager  in the English Musical Play “kiss me Kate “ directed 

by Dr. Krista Scott on Wallace Theater in 1998

5.  Directed my senior project  in 1998


1.  Composed and arranged the music score of the feature movie ”Embratoreyet 

el Shar” ( The Empire of Evil)

directed by Mr. Ismail Gamal in 1995

2. Composed and arranged the music score of the theatrical play “Gueziret el Or3” 

(island of the balds) in 1998

3.  Composed and arranged the music score of the feature movie “ Hello America “ 

directed by Mr. Nader Galal in 1999

4. Composed and arranged the music score of the theatrical musical play 

“The Bodyguard” In 1999


1.  Acted in the feature movie “El Nom Fel Assal” (sleeping in Honey) as the role of “Omar” directed by Mr.Sherif Arafa in 1993

2. Acted in the theatrical play ‘Aly El zeba2” (Aly the mercury) as the role of “Aly el zeba2” on Zeinab Khatoun theatre directed by Mr. Tarek Sharaf  in 1997



1.  2002 - “Amir El Zalam’ (The Prince of Darkness) starring Adel imam and 

Sherine Seif el Nasr –Action Drama

2.  2004  -  “ Ghaby mennoh feeh” ( Stupid Within) starring Hany Ramzy and 

Nelly Karim - Comedy

3.  2005 -  “ Bouha” (name of the hero character) starring Mohamed Saad 

and May Ezz El Din - Comedy

4.  2006 – “1/8 Dastet Ashrar” ( 1/8 Dirty Dozen) starring Mohamed Ragab 

and Yasmine Abd El Aziz – Adventure and light comedy

5.  2007 - “Klashenkof” (name of Russian weapon) starring Mohamed Ragab 

and Ghada Adel – Action, Adventure.

6.  2008 – “Hassan And Morkos” (names of the 2 heroes in the movie) 

starring the 2 super stars Adel Imam and Omar Sharif – Comedy and Drama

TeleVision :

1.  2008 – 6 episodes in the TV sitcom “El 3eyada”  (The Clinic) – a Final Cut 

and El Karma Production

2.  2010 – The series “ Ayza Atgawez “ starring Hind Sabri -  El shorouk and 

Tvision production

3.  2012 – The series “ Fer2et Nagy Attallah “ starring Adel Imam  - Spot 2000

and Synergy production


1. Directed my first theatrical  play “Gueziret el Or3” (island of the balds) on 

the Hanager theatre , Cairo Opera , in 1998 – El Hangaer Production

2.  Directed my second theatrical musical play “The Bodyguard” on the 

pyramids theater  in 1999 – starring Adel Imam – United Artists Production


1. Sprint Communications for middle east in 1998

2.  The National Campaign of “ Avian Flu “ sponsored by the Health Ministry and produced by Tarek Nour Communications - 2008

3. MTN communications for Africa in 2008

4. Wasel and Thabet for Sudany Communication  2009

5. Maza juice for El berer Beverage 2009

Musical Video Clips:

1. The song “ Aha” sung by Shaimaa Said , produced by Cairo Sound for music 

and video in 2000

2. The song “fe Oyoun el Atfal” ( in the eyes of children) produced by EAA 

media production in 2003

Assistant Director: 

1.  Worked as a 3rd  assistant Director in the movie “ El Wad Mahrous beta3 El Wazir “ 

(Mahrous , the servant of the minister)directed by Mr. Nader Galal in 1997

2.  Worked as a 3rd assistant director in the movie “Hello America “ directed 

by Mr. Nader Galal in 1999

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